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An arrest warrant is issued in Winnebago County, Illinois, only in response to the filing of a written petition in the criminal court by the Sheriff’s or the District Attorney’s Office. Once granted, a warrant authorizes police officials to arrest, question, and detain a person until he/she is released on a bail bond.

A warrant for arrest differs significantly from summons, bench, and search warrants. For one, an arrest warrant never expires; it can only be issued by a federal or state level criminal court. The order is never issued unless a local law enforcement agency requests its issuance with an affidavit.

For an arrest warrant to be issued in Winnebago County, the petition filed in court should offer information on the charges under which the individual is being arrested and evidence, witnesses in the case. A signed arrest order, which is also known as an active arrest warrant, will mention the name, age, and gender of the person against whom it has b been issued, the date and place where it has been issued, possibly the bail amount and the names of the officers who are being granted the authority to make the arrest.

Of course, any peace officer from the issuing country or elsewhere in the country can take a person who has a warrant against him/her into custody. If the person in question cannot be arrested for whatever reason, the case is deemed to be pending, and the order takes on a new name- an outstanding warrant. Don’t let the terminology difference fool you. An outstanding warrant forms a sufficient basis for an arrest.

If you are looking for arrest records, contact the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office in person by visiting them at 650 West State Street, Rockford, IL 61101 or calling them at 815-319-6000. An alternate source of information for a warrant search is an exhaustive online database, which can be accessed by filling the form above.

There has been a staggering rise in the number of violent crimes reported in Winnebago County, IL. The figure which stood at less than 1000 in 1999 has swelled to over 2000 by 2008. The overall crime rate has also increased by nearly 8%.

The spike in the number of violent crimes is reflected in the fact that a crime is committed in the county every 41 minutes. Of the almost 125,500 crimes reported in the decade, over 14,000 were violent, while over 83000 were theft and robbery related.

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