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If you are looking for information on Carroll County, Illinois outstanding warrants, this can be easily found with several government departments. According to the Freedom of Information Act of the state, community members enjoy the statutory right to access all publicly held records. Since active warrants from the area are categorized as data stored by the state accessible to the public, several agencies disseminate it.

However, most of these departments have a law concerning how a request can be filed for a formal warrant search in Carroll County. At least with the sheriff’s office and the magistrate’s court, the applicant has to visit the agency headquarters in person to conduct the inquiry.

The procedure entails filling a request form, which is a way for the state agency to gather information about the subject of the inquiry and the applicant. In terms of subject information, you will have to provide a first and last name, details on his/her race, gender, and age. Apart from this, if you also have additional data like a social security number, case number or current address, etc., it will help get more accurate results.

A small fee will have to be paid to get this information, and along with details on active warrant issues, you will also be offered arrest records for Carroll County. To initiate an inquiry for arrest warrants, get in touch with these agencies at:

  • The office of the magistrate: 301 N Main St, Mt Carroll, IL 61053
  • The office of the sheriff: As given above

Things work differently with the department of Carroll county clerk. This agency will allow people to browse through their repository of court dockets for free, and the said information can also be found in this database. However, if paper results are needed, you will have to incur the cost of printing. To connect with the court’s office clerk, write to PO Box 152, Mount Carroll, Illinois 61053.

How do you get information on Carroll County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • To get a warrant search done, call the Sheriff’s Office at (815) 244-9171.
  • To get arrest records from a local police department, call (815) 684-5264 (Chadwick), (815) 493-6931 (Lanark), (815) 225-7134 (Millegeville), (815) 244-5313 (Mt. Carroll), (815) 273-2246 (Savanna), (815) 864-2776 (Shannon), (815) 259-3905 (Thompson).
  • To find out about recent arrests, use the phone number of the Carroll County Correctional Facility at (815) 244-0265.
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call the Victim’s Advocate at (815) 244-0290.
  • To get judicial records of a criminal conviction, call the Clerk of Circuit Court at (815) 244-0230.

Crime statistics for Carroll County, IL

The total crime rate for Carroll County went from 34 incidents in 2018 to around 30 complaints in 2019. Approximately, 20% of these crimes were those in which people were targeted. While the remaining 80% of complaints were filed against property crimes.

The property crime average of 2019 was lower than that of 2018 (standing at 21 complaints as opposed to the 24 filed in 2018). However, the violent crime rate headed in the opposite direction, increasing by almost 20%.

Nearly 140 crimes were reported in Carroll County, IL in 2011. No complaints were filed against violent crimes through this period, while 70 cases of property crimes were lodged throughout the year. On average, the theft had the highest incident rate with almost 60 occurrences.

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