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Whoever said that looking for arrest warrants information in Iroquois County, Illinois was an easy task never went through the official process of a warrant search. While the procedure is not even remotely arduous when you go through an online data vendor, if you choose an official state source, you will have to personally go down to the agency office to get your hands on the results of your inquiry.

Information about arrest records from Iroquois County and details on outstanding warrants are not just preserved by the sheriff’s department but also at least two branches of the judiciary. So, when initiating a search for arrest warrants, you can head to:

  • The police: 550 S Tenth, Watseka, Illinois 60970
  • The magistrate: 1001 E Grant St, Watseka, IL 60970
  • The county clerk: Given above

Of these three agencies, only the first two- that is, the magistrate’s office and the police are involved in the warrant issue procedure—an affidavit filed by the police department in court signals the beginning of the warrant hearing. The sitting magistrate thoroughly scrutinizes the details presented in the petition before issuing a warrant.

Once the order is released, the judiciary takes a backseat, and the police have the job of arresting the alleged criminal and bringing him before the court to stand trial. Upon being taken into custody, the accused cannot be released unless bail is granted to him/her.

However, before this is done, the executed warrant is sent to the magistrate’s office, so both the judiciary and the police can have arrest records from the county in their possession. Until an active order is executed, it is held in the police system and the judiciary as an Iroquois outstanding warrants.

Iroquois County, Illinois, has a reasonably high crime rate, with nearly 500 criminal incidents being reported each year. In 2011, of this total incident rate, a whopping 220 plus cases were against property theft while only ten violent crime occurrences were reported in the area. Fortunately, there were no instances of murder or arson in the year.

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