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Almost everything is available online these days, including but not limited to arrest warrants. Information about arrest warrants may be found online by searching county court records. If your county does not have arrest warrants online, you can always go to the county courthouse to search the public records to find outstanding warrants. In Boone County, there is no list of outstanding warrants online; however, you can access case information for criminal cases filed within the county. This is the first step in performing a warrant search since most criminal cases start with an arrest warrant.

The cases index for Boone County allows the public to search for criminal cases by name or by case number. Most criminal cases begin with an arrest warrant; therefore, searching open court cases will help locate active warrants. You can ask for copies of court records, but you will be charged a fee for the documents. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm at 601 North Main Street in Belvidere, IL 61008.

The second step in your warrant search is to visit the Boone County Sheriff’s Department to check for outstanding warrants. Once an active warrant is transferred to the Sheriff’s Department for service, it will not expire until it has been served or the court rescinds it. When you are at the Sheriff’s Department, you can also request copies of arrest records or a list of the county’s Most Wanted fugitives. The office is at 615 North Main Street in Belvidere, IL 61008.


Can you get any information about Boone County warrants and arrest over the phone? (2021-Update)              

  • For an incident/accident/arrest report, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 815-544-9322.
  • For information on active warrants and arrest records, approach the FOIA records officer at 815-544-3024.
  • For details on recent arrests and inmate arrest records, dial the phone number of Boone County Corrections- 815-547-6203.
  • For details pertaining to victim’s assistance, including protective orders for victims of domestic violence, call the State Attorney’s Office at 815-544-0868.
  • For criminal case court dates and information on how to get criminal judicial records: Call the Circuit Clerk at 815-544- 0371 and then dial Ext. 8027 for general information, Ext. 8028 or 6911 for felony case records and information, Ext. 6893 for misdemeanor case records and information and Ext. 6520 or 6848 for traffic violation case records and information.


Boone County, IL crime data

From an incident rate of over 200 complaints in 2018 to around 180 reports in 2019, the drop in the annual crime average of Boone County sure was a step in the right direction. The number of violent crimes declined by almost 50%, going from over 40 incidents in 2018 to around 27 in 2019. The drop in the rate of property crimes was less pronounced, at approximately 10% (from 160 incidents in 2018 to 146 in 2019)

Boone County has not reported its crime statistics; therefore, crime rates are not readily available for Boone County. However, from 1999 through 2008, there were almost five million crimes reported statewide in Illinois. Of those crimes, nearly 750,000 were violent.

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