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An active warrant from Clark County, Illinois is issued once the judiciary has had a go at the police affidavit filed with the magistrate’s court. This document is meant to educate the sitting magistrate on the intricacies of the case. The writ includes information on:

  • The nature of the incident
  • The reasons why the investigating officers deemed it to be criminal
  • The evidence that points to the involvement of the alleged offender
  • The names and details of the witnesses and the accused.

All this information is presented in a bid to help the judge establish probable cause. This is a legal mandate before an active warrant can be granted to the sheriff’s deputies. There is a reason why the police are willing to go the extra mile in their quest for Clark arrest warrants. These orders give peace officers a lot of leeway when it comes to actually making the arrest.

Through the provisions of such a judicial decree, the person in question can be nabbed from his home, work place or even a public area. Also, this detention can take place at just about any time. In other words, a lot of barriers that are normally placed on custodial detention are done away with once an outstanding warrant from Clark is thrown into the equation.

Arrest records for Clark County are available from the office of the sheriff and the magistrate’s court. These agencies can be contacted for a warrant search at:

  • The office of the county sheriff: 207 N 5th St, Marshall, Illinois 62441
  • The court of the magistrate: 501 Archer Ave, Marshall, IL 62441

Apart from these two state offices, you can also go to the county clerk’s department. A branch of the judiciary, the clerk of court and his deputies play the all important role of record keeping for various tribunals in Clark County. This is done by recording the court dockets for every case that enters the legal system. To connect with this judicial agency, head to 501 Archer Ave, Marshall, IL 62441.

Clark County, IL has a fairly low crime risk index of just one quarter of the national average. Despite this, the risk level for burglary is quite high at 79 when the national average for such crimes stand at 100 and the state risk average is at 89.

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