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If someone you know commits a crime in Coles County, you can locate information about the arrest warrant and the open court case by searching the public records for Coles County. There are several resources to search for arrest warrants in Coles County, including the Sheriff’s Office and the county courts. To ensure that you find all of the information available about an arrest warrant, you should search both offices’ records. Arrest warrants are issued by judges serving in the courts within Coles County. Those active warrants are transferred to the Sheriff’s Office for service. Simply knowing where to look for arrest warrants is the first step in performing a warrant search.

The first place to search is the case search engine for Coles County. Through this online index, the public can search for court cases filed in Coles County. If you find an active criminal case, you should contact the Court’s Clerk to get copies of court records or get more information. You can visit the office at 6th and Jackson in Charleston, IL 61920 (telephone: 217-348-0516). Remember that the staff cannot offer legal advice about any case but only direct you on how to search the public records for arrest warrants.

To continue your warrant search, check with the Coles County Sheriff’s Department for outstanding warrants. A warrant will remain outstanding until it has been served or canceled by a court order. The Coles County Sheriff does not have a complete list of outstanding warrants on its website; however, there is a list of the county’s most wanted fugitives. To get copies of arrest records, you must contact the Sheriff’s Department in person at 701 7th Street in Charleston, IL 61920.

Coles County, IL crime data

Unfortunately, the Sheriff’s Department for Coles County does not report crime statistics for analysis. However, we know that between 1999 and 2008, the overall rate of crime in Illinois decreased by almost twenty-five percent.

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