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In Lawrence County, Illinois, a warrant search can be initiated through the court of the magistrate, the department of the clerk of court as well as the sheriff’s office. However, apart from these agencies, a federal entity is also in charge of keeping records pertaining to all outstanding warrants issued in Lawrence.

Information on all active orders that cannot be executed within a reasonable period is sent to the FBI and they include this data in their central repository of crime. From here, just about any law enforcement officer can access this information as and when needed. In fact, it is normal for the name of an individual to be run through this database if he is involved in any kind of altercation with the law.

For regular folks who would like to do an arrest warrants search, there are three options when seeking this information. You can approach the judiciary or the police at the addresses mentioned below. These agencies will charge a small fee for giving you details on Lawrence arrest records as well as warrants. To initiate the inquiry you will have to visit the agency office in person at:

  • The police: 1306 Lexington Ave, Lawrenceville, Illinois 62439
  • The magistrate: 1100 State St, Lawrenceville, IL 62439

Another option is to go the office of Lawrence county clerk; this agency gives members of the public access to their court dockets database. Information on civil as well as criminal judicial provisions like bench warrants, search orders and active warrants can be found in this repository. To get in touch with agency, you will have to head to the courthouse of Lawrence County located 1100 State St.

Finally, you can get a warrant search done online. For this, you will have to fill the form given above. However, the database that you are given access to is not hosted by a government source. Yet, the data maintained by this third party information vendor is 100% accurate.

In Lawrence County, IL a distinct downtrend was observed in the rate of overall criminal activity which went down from over 330 incidents in 2006 to just about 165 cases in 2010.In terms of crime category, thefts were very common with over 30 incidents recorded in 2010 while sexual assault had the lowest risk rate with just 1 case filed in such a matter in the year mentioned above.

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