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In Edgar County, Illinois, arrest warrants only go into effect after a criminal tribunal’s sitting magistrate has signed the order. However, this is seldom done without an investigation into the claims made against a person by the local law enforcement agency. Ascertaining probable cause is a vital part of the warrant issue process.

The sitting magistrate must understand the charges being filed against the offender and the police’s proof that points to his guilt. This evidence has to be enough for a reasonable person to believe that the individual committed the crime in question. Legally, this is termed as probable cause, and this is a crucial requirement that has to be fulfilled before an Edgar County active warrant is released.

Such arrest orders do not have a defined validity, and the provision is designed to stay in effect till such time that the accused can be taken into custody. It is also possible to find outstanding warrants in the police database, which are several decades old. Arrest records from Edgar and information on all warrants issued in the area are maintained by the police and the magistrate’s court. So to initiate a warrant search, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s department: 228 N Central Ave, Paris, Illinois 61944
  • The magistrate’s office: 115 W Court St, Paris, IL 61944

Apart from these agencies, the county clerk’s department also records all criminal and civil cases. This is done in court dockets, a written account of what went on during a trial. The court’s office is located at 115 West Court St, Paris, Illinois 61944-1739.

How do you get information on Edgar County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • Details on recent arrests, inmate records, police reports of criminal incidents and accidents, call the Sheriff’s Office at 217-465-4166.
  • Details on assistance available to crime victims: 217-466-7456.
  • Information on accessing judicial records and court dockets database: 217-466-7447.

Edgar County, IL Criminal Statistics

The property crime average of Edgar County plunged between 2018 and 2019, which brought down the overall crime average by almost 40%. From a high of 52 incidents in 2018, the annual average of property crimes dropped to around 32 incidents in 2019.

The decrease in the violent crime average was even more impressive as the incident rate plunged from 11 cases filed in 2018 to just 4 complaints filed in 2019.

In Edgar County, nearly 200 criminal cases were filed in the year 2011. About 75 complaints were against property crimes, while a mere 21 complaints were made in response to violent criminal occurrences. The crime category which scored the highest for frequency was burglary with 40 events, theft in close at 31 instances.

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