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When you request a warrant search in McDonough County, Illinois, through one of the agencies listed below, you are essentially cross-checking your subject’s name through the offenders listed in the statewide criminal database.

The results of an outstanding warrant inquiry can be offered almost instantly based on your query, and you will seldom have to furnish more than the first and last name of the victim and some necessary data to get the inquiry completed.

The three government agencies which provide information about arrest warrants from McDonough for public scrutiny include:

  • The office of the sheriff: 110 S McArthur St, Macomb, Illinois 61455
  • The office of the magistrate: 232 E Jackson St, Macomb, IL 61455
  • The office of the clerk of court: Same as above

Besides maintaining records about active warrants and other legal provisions used in criminal and civil matters like bench warrants, search warrants, etc., these agencies also play an active role in the detention order issue.

For instance, the police file the complaints in court, which forms the prosecution’s case against the accused in the bail hearing. While the offender is not present at this time in the courtroom, nor does such a trial involve a jury, the police and state prosecution still have the task of proving to the sitting magistrate that the person in question was indeed responsible for the criminal act committed before a McDonough County active warrant is released.

Once the accused has been taken into custody, the police will maintain the arrest records and send the original copy of the warrant to the magistrate’s office, keeping a history of the individual’s detention in question. These records are also furthered to the department of the county clerk.

An estimated 150 crimes were reported in McDonough County, Illinois, in 2011. These violent crimes accounted for a mere four incidents, while property crime rates were considerably higher, with approximately 70 violations. Although there were no homicide cases in the area, three incidents of aggravated assault were reported.

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