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Before an active warrant is released in Ford County, Illinois, the police have to submit enough evidence in court to convince the sitting magistrate that the crime was indeed committed by the person in question. If this cannot be established on the basis of the police affidavit alone, the judge has the authority to ask for witness testimony even at this point.

All the information collected by the judiciary at this stage is put down in writing when the active warrant is handed over to the sheriff’s deputies. After release, arrest warrants are deemed to be court directives that have to be obeyed at the earliest. In cases, where an active order cannot be served because the offender has left town or just cannot be found, the decree is saved in the Ford sheriff’s database of crime as an outstanding warrant.

Not very different from active decrees for arrest, outstanding warrants from Ford County can also be executed at any time and any place. You can initiate a warrant search for these orders by getting in touch with:

  • The police: 235 N American, Paxton, Illinois 60957
  • The magistrate’s court: 200 W State St, Paxton, IL 60957
  • The office of the county clerk: 200 West State Street, Room 101, Paxton, Illinois 60957

While you are at these agency offices, you can also do some additional digging into the background of your suspect. For instance, the police will not only be able to tell you about any active warrants against this person but also give you the dirt on prior arrest records from Ford County in his/her name. Similarly, the county clerk’s office will be able to help you with information on any civil cases against this individual.

Larceny cases are the most common in Ford County, IL with a risk average of over 65, which is quite high when pitched against the other crime categories. The national risk index for larceny cases stands at 100 while the statewide average is 91. Burglary accounts for the second highest crime rate with a risk index of over 20.

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