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The court of the magistrate issues Logan County, Illinois, active warrants and other judicial instruments like search orders. A tribunal of this level, which has criminal jurisdiction, is in charge of pre warrant hearings and the issue of arrest warrants. On the other hand, a civil tribunal has the authority to hear civil cases where the claim amount does not exceed $15,000.

A pre-rants hearing is held to ensure good merit in the case formed by the sheriff’s office against the individual in question. Only after probable cause is established will the sitting magistrate sign on the arrest order making it a Logan County active warrant. This document is handed over to the police with a copy of the affidavit that they filed in court, which intimated the judiciary of the crime and the involvement of the person accused of it.

These detention orders are served promptly after release; however, even if they cannot be executed, they remain in effect in the form of Logan outstanding warrants. If the order is used to take the accused into custody, the sheriff’s office will include every bit of data about it in their arrest records before sending it to the magistrate’s court.

The county clerk’s office is also kept in the loop because they store the court dockets and make them accessible to the public. So, as soon as the pre-rants hearing is held, all records relating to the case are sent to the clerk of court’s office. Hence, you can find details on active and outstanding warrants from all these agencies; their contact details are as follows:

  • The sheriff’s: 601 Broadway Rm 23, Lincoln, Illinois 62656
  • The County clerk’s: 601 Broadway St, Lincoln, IL 62656
  • The magistrate’s: As given above

If you are still not sure about a warrant search, the following figures should convince you. With an estimated 450 crimes occurring in Logan County, Illinois, per annum, this is certainly not an area of the state with the lowest crime rate. Fortunately, only about 5% of these occurrences are violent for residents, while an astonishing 20% are related to property crimes.

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