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You are entitled to information regarding arrest records if you are interested in a warrant search. However, before you go rummaging through online databases or visiting the Will County, Illinois Sheriff’s Department, it would serve you well to know about how a warrant for arrest works.

What is an arrest warrant?

It is a written order that commands the police and other law enforcement officials to take a person into custody. The order is only issued after the District Attorney’s Office or the Sheriff’s Department files a writ in the local criminal court.

An arrest warrant is not granted unless sufficient evidence is available in the matter that will help the prosecution to pin the matter on the individual in question. However, once issued, an arrest warrant stays in full force regardless of how long ago the crime was committed.

The different types of warrants

Active warrant: An active arrest warrant is a signed arrest order from a criminal court that authorizes police to detain a person.

Outstanding warrants. An active warrant that is not served becomes an outstanding warrant. However, despite the change in terminology, it still offers law enforcement agencies the very same rights as an active warrant.

How to get information regarding arrest warrants?

The Sheriff’s Department of Will County, Illinois has all the arrest records and warrant related information. In fact, they also have access to the nationwide crime database. So, for a warrant search, get in touch with them by visiting in person or speaking to the clerk over the phone.

  • Address: 2402 East Laraway Road, Joliet, IL
  • Telephone No: 815-727-8575
  • Online search: willcosheriff.com/pages/warrants/

The crime rate has seen a marked increase in Will County in the ten years starting in 1999. A whopping 45,700 crimes were reported during the decade and of these over 4800 were violent. The annual crime rate currently stands at over 4500 and most of these incidents transpire when the victim is within a one mile radius of his home/workplace. Of the total crimes, instances of burglary were the most common with over 30,000 reported incidents.

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