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An arrest warrant issued in Cook County, IL is a court order to the Sheriff’s Department to arrest an individual. The warrant may be issued in a matter relating to a misdemeanor or a felony and also when a suspect fails to appear for a trial or court hearing. Once an arrest warrant is issued, the person in question will be taken into custody on the spot by a law enforcement officer.

An arrest warrant is exclusively issued by the local criminal court unlike search and bench warrants. A systematic procedure has to be followed to request the issue of an arrest warrant in the County. The matter is brought before the sitting judge of the criminal court with a signed petition that offers explanation on the crime committed and why the police believe that the individual in question was involved in the incident.

If the magistrate is satisfied by the information provided and believes it to be enough to form the basis of a criminal trial. The warrant is signed and issued which is then known as an active arrest warrant. If an active warrant cannot for served for whatever reason, it then becomes an outstanding warrant. Make no mistake; a person can and will be arrested even when an outstanding warrant is out against him/her.

All arrest warrants remain active till the person against whom the order has been issued is taken into custody. Information regarding active and outstanding warrants is fed into a national database which is accessed by peace officers when a person has a legal infraction.

To access arrest records for a specific county, get in touch with the local Sheriff’s Department. In Cook County, the law enforcement agency is located at 50 W. Washington, Chicago, Illinois 60602. If you have the name of the person about whom you seek information, you can also conduct a warrant search by calling the Sheriff’s office on 312-603-6444

The number of violent crimes in Cook County has decreased significantly between 1999 and 2008, from over 6000 to almost 3000. Yet, a criminal occurrence still takes place in the area every 2 minutes and the astonishing fact about these incidents is that they transpire when the victim is in the vicinity of his/home or workplace. In the decade mentioned above an estimated 1852,000 crimes were reported in the county and of these almost 400,000 were instances of violent crime.

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