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Arrest warrants are the legal process that gives law enforcement officers the authority to apprehend and detain a suspect. There are exceptions; however, it is preferred that an officer has an arrest warrant before making an arrest. Searching for active warrants in Vermilion County begins with searching for criminal cases through the court system and concludes with a search for outstanding warrants with the Sheriff’s Office. Below are some general guidelines for warrant searches in Vermilion County.

Because most criminal cases begin with an arrest warrant, searching for open court cases is an excellent place to warrant your search. Fortunately, the Vermilion County courts provide an online index for searching court cases. If you find an active criminal case, you can contact the Court Clerk to get more information or request copies of court documents. The office is located at 7 North Vermilion Street in Danville, IL 61832 (telephone: 217-554-7702). Before visiting the office to search the public records for arrest warrants, you may want to contact the office by telephone to inquire if there are any special procedures or requirements for the public to search court records.

To continue your warrant search, you should contact the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Department to ask if any outstanding warrants have not been served. The office is located at 2 East South Street in Danville, IL 61832 (telephone: 217-442-4080). The Administrative Office staff can provide information about arrest warrants, arrest records, and criminal history background requests. There may be a fee for services requested through the Sheriff’s Department.

Vermilion County, IL crime data

Unfortunately, Vermilion County does not participate in the national reporting of its crime rates. However, you can view a list of unsolved crimes in Vermilion County by visiting the Crime Stoppers website for Vermilion County. This website lists unsolved crimes without the county and is another good source for Vermilion County crime information.

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