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Looking for arrest warrants related data in Monroe County, Illinois, does not have to be a cumbersome task if you know about the agencies that keep information about these detention decrees. Understanding how active warrants work will help you learn how the release of one impacts an individual’s legal standing.

An active warrant is an arrest order that the court can exclusively issue in response to an affidavit from a law enforcement agency. The court cannot issue such a decree for detention without any local police intervention. The writ submitted by the police works as a base point for determining the probable cause.

Apart from this, the sitting magistrate may very well ask the witnesses and the victim to appear in court and testify under oath to ensure that the accused’s rights are not compromised. This is in keeping with the fourth amendment of the United States Constitution.

Once a warrant has been handed over to the sheriff’s office, the deputies have the job of serving it, arresting the alleged offender, processing him/her, and presenting this person before the court for a bail hearing. All warrants that do not get served are sent into the police crime database and the FBI’s repository in the form of outstanding warrants from Monroe County.

For a warrant search, you can go to:

  • The office of the sheriff: 301 N College Ave Rm 203, Bloomington, Indiana 47404
  • The office of the magistrate: 100 S Main St, Waterloo, IL 62298
  • The county clerk’s department: PO Box 1634, Bloomington, Indiana 47402


How do you get information on Monroe County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • To find out about recent arrests and to request police reports, including arrest records, dial the phone number of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department- 618-939-8651
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call the State Attorney’s Office at 618-939-8681 ext. 215.
  • To know how to initiate an inquiry for judicial records from the criminal court, call the Circuit Clerk at 618-939-8681 ext. 273.


Crime Statistics of Monroe County, IL

A drop of well over 30% in the annual crime average of Monroe County led to the filing of just 43 criminal complaints in 2019 as compared to the 65 complaints filed in 2018. Of these 43 complaints, around 35 were filed against property crimes while the rest were registered against violent crimes.

Of the property crimes reported, around 14 were burglary offense and 15 were larceny-thefts. Of the violent crimes reported, 6 were assault cases and 3 were complaints against rape.

In 2011, an estimated 140 crimes occurred in Monroe County, IL. This is a reasonably low crime rate when compared with the other areas of the state. Of the total crime figure, property crimes were the most common with 65 incidents, while arson came in on the last position with just one occurrence. Violent crime had a pretty low incident rate as well, at only 4 cases.

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