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While the police may request an arrest order from the court in Tazewell County IL in certain circumstances, a judicial order is not a perquisite in all cases. For instance, there are 3 scenarios in which a person can be taken into custody without a warrant being served.

  1. The person has been arrested from the scene of the crime and the police have reason to believe that he is responsible for the incident or he has been caught while committing the crime.
  2. If a regular stop and search reveals that an individual is in possession of drugs or illegal ammunition.
  3. Law enforcement officials have reason to believe that a person will commit a crime
  4. In all other cases, a warrant is a legal mandate and the cops have to request the judiciary for its issuance. The Sherriff’s Department of Tazewell County, Illinois is expected to approach the local criminal court when in need of an arrest order.

    The judicial body has to be informed of the crime, alleged suspect and evidence in writing before a warrant is issued. A duly signed document is called an active arrest warrant and it has vital case related information.

    This warrant can be served at the time of arrest or the person who is being taken into custody can be told of its existence while he/she is being arrested and the actual document can be served once he is taken down to the precinct.

    If for any odd reason, the arrest order is not used to detain a person at this stage, it is then made part of the national crime database under the name- outstanding arrest warrant. Regardless of the legal terminology used for an arrest order, the document never goes out of effect.

    If you are a resident of Tazewell County, you can approach the Sheriff’s Department for arrest records and a warrant search. They are located at 101 South Capitol Street, Pekin, Illinois 61554-4108. For any information regarding the procedure to follow when looking for arrest and warrant related data, call the law enforcement agency on 309-346-4141

    An analysis of the crime rate indexes for the county revealed that while Tazewell does have a lower crime average than the national and state crime rate, certain category of crimes present a higher risk. For instance, homicide related cases are not as rare as they should be with a risk index of almost 60. Burglary has the highest risk index on the list at almost 60 while incidents of robbery are considerably rarer.

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