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Since it is the magistrate's court which has the judicial powers to issue an active warrant in Crawford County, Illinois, it would only be appropriate if you were to approach this state agency for a warrant search. The magistrate of a criminal court at any level of the judicial makeup can issue arrest warrants. However, generally the police will approach the circuit court for an order that allows them to take a person into custody.

The request for an active warrant in Crawford County is a formal procedure which entails the submission of a written affidavit in court. This is filed with a representative of the magistrate before the pre-warrant hearing. During this session of the court, the magistrate determines if the police have enough evidence against a person to actually arrest and charge him.

Although it is normal for the tribunal to base this assessment on the petition filed by the police, the magistrate may call in the witnesses to hear their sworn testimony before a warrant is issued. Upon release the decree is called an active warrant while an order which has been held back in the police database is legally termed as an outstanding warrant.

As soon as a formal warrant hearing is held, the judiciary also comes into possession of all case related facts, so the office of the magistrate and the county clerk's department which prepares and files the court dockets will also have all information pertaining to warrants and arrest records. Therefore, for a warrant search, you can head to:

Like the other areas of the state, Crawford County, IL too has a problem with larceny and burglary. These incident types clock in risk levels of 53 and 45 respectively. On the lower end of the crime spectrum are criminal categories like assault and murder which have a risk average of just 2 each.

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