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Probable cause is not a statement of guilt; however, it is the reasonable belief that a suspect committed the crime in question.A judge uses his or her own judgment when determining probable cause to issue an arrest warrant in Ogle County.Without probable cause, a judge should not sign an arrest warrant.To establish probable cause, an officer presents a sworn complaint or gives sworn testimony alleging the facts of the case.Based on the facts presented, if the judge finds that a reasonable person would believe the suspect committed the crime, he will sign the arrest warrant.If you think you or someone you know has an outstanding warrant, try doing a warrant search.

Start with the court’s online case index systemto search for active criminal cases in Ogle County.Since most cases begin with an arrest warrant, this is a good place to begin your warrant search.If you find an open case, you can ask for more information about the warrant through the Court Clerk’s office.They are not allowed to give legal advice about an open court case; however, they can help you obtain copies of court records or search for other active warrants.The office is located at 106 S. 5th Street, Suite 300 in Oregon, IL 60161 (telephone: 815-732-1130).

Arrest warrants are executed by judges then transferred to the Sheriff’s Department to be served. Therefore, you should visit the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department to request information about outstanding warrants that have not been served.In addition to information about outstanding warrants, the Sheriff’s Department can also provide copies of arrest records for warrants that have already been executed.You can also request a criminal history report; however, this will probably require the payment of a fee.

Ogle County, IL crime data

Ogle County is the 26th largest county in Illinois with over sixty cities within the county.Specific details about the rate of crime in Ogle County are unavailable; however, the rate of crime in Illinois is approximately 32 crimes per 1,000 residents.

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