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An arrest warrant constitutes an order issued by a judge that directs law enforcement officials to apprehend the person against whom the warrant has been issued. Arrest warrants can be issued even at night and weekends; also, the order can be used to take a person into custody from any place and at any time.

An arrest warrant is issued based on an affidavit filed in the St. Clair County, IL criminal court by one of the two parties:

  • A prosecutor from the District Attorney’s office
  • The local Sheriff’s Department

Regardless of who files the writ, it should mention the crime, the age, name, gender of the alleged criminal, and the evidence collected thus far. If the information is considered adequate, the sitting judge signs the documents making it an active arrest warrant.

When not used for a certain period to arrest the person in question, an active warrant is put on the back burner as an outstanding arrest warrant. The change in terminology does not have a bearing on the authority that the order gives law enforcement agencies.

Once an arrest warrant is issued, police officials are not required by law to provide a notice for the same. In simple words, the person against whom the warrant has been issued will only be told about the warrant when arrested.

After the warrant is procured in St Clair County, police officers may visit the home of the individual named in the warrant to make an arrest or even raid the houses of his acquaintances who may be suspected of harboring him. Most experts suggest that it would be better to surrender than waiting to be apprehended in case of an arrest warrant.

For an arrest warrant search in St. Clair, pay a visit to the Sheriff’s Department with your ID and the name of the person you want to investigate. The law enforcement agency’s address is 700 North 5th Street Belleville, IL 62220, and their contact number is 618-277-3505. You can also use the form above to access a database of arrest records.

In St Clair County, IL, the crime rate increased by over 6% in 2007 despite an overall decrease in the statewide crime figures. Instances of theft have contributed the most to this spike.

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