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For an arrest warrant search in Schuyler County, IL, applicants are given the same facilities as other states. It is possible to launch an assisted inquiry to find the arrest records and active warrants in the name of a subject through the police or the magistrate’s court for a fee. Alternatively, you could drive down to the department headed by the court clerk to use their public service system.

These computers are linked to the court dockets database maintained by the agency. So, you will have access to civil tribunal records and information from the criminal courts in the area, including the release of arrest warrants, detentions effected under these provisions, and if the matter did go to trial, the happenings of the various sessions.

However, printed reports are charged on a per-page basis. You could also enlist the help of a third-party information vendor to find details on Schuyler County outstanding warrants and arrests. Remember that the data contained in the repositories of such agencies go beyond the confines of Illinois.

So, in essence, your search could yield more extensive results, particularly if the subject is wanted or has stood trial in more than one state. These establishments like the one linked to this site will charge a membership fee for a certain period. Through this interval, you will be allowed to conduct any number of warrant searches. To use the services of a third-party agency, use the form above, or you could go to the addresses below to contact a state agency.

  • The Police: 216 W Lafayette St, Rushville, Illinois 62681
  • The court: 102 S Congress St, Rushville, IL 62681
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 200, Rushville, Illinois 62681


Can you get any information pertaining to Schuyler County warrants and arrest over the phone? (2021-Update) 

  • For jail-related information, including details on recent arrests, and for information on active warrants, contact the Sheriff’s Department at (217) 322-4366.
  • For requesting victim’s assistance and to learn about orders of protection, call the State Attorney’s Office at (217) 322-3947.
  • For a criminal case search, court dockets and judicial records, get in touch with the Circuit Court at (217) 322-4633.


Crime Statistics of County, IL

In 2019, the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office handled fewer than 20 criminal complaints, which was way over the average of 2018, when only 5 offenses were reported in the area. All 14 cases filed in the property crimes category were against larceny-theft, while the 3 complaints filed in the violent crimes category were all against aggravated assault.

Schuyler County, Illinois, has the lowest crime index in the state at just 13. It also fares well when specific crime averages are compared with its highest larceny having an average of 41, which is still lower than the 91 of Illinois and the country’s 100 average. Surprisingly, robbery and carjacking have the lowest risk rate in the area.

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