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Getting information about an arrest warrant in Knox County begins with a search of the public records. Criminal cases often start with an arrest warrant; therefore, searching for open criminal cases is an excellent place to start a warrant search. Judges issue arrest warrants and then transfer the active warrants to law enforcement agencies for execution. Until the active warrant is served on the suspect, it is considered an outstanding warrant. If you suspect that an arrest warrant has been issued for someone you know or on yourself, you can begin with a search of the court records of Knox County.

To begin your warrant search, start by searching for open criminal cases at the Clerk of Court’s office. You can get copies of court records and find out the status of any open criminal case by visiting the Clerk’s office in person. The office is located at 200 South Cherry Street in Galesburg, IL 61401 (telephone: 309-345-3815). The staff is not permitted to offer legal advice about any specific case but can only show you how to search the court records.

To find outstanding warrants, the best place to search is the Sheriff’s office. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office does not have a list of all outstanding warrants online; however, it does have a list of the county’s Most Wanted fugitives on its website. To find information about a specific arrest warrant or inquire if an outstanding warrant exists, you should directly contact the office. You can also request copies of arrest records and a criminal history report.

How do you get information on Knox County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)              

  • Reach the Administration Department of Sheriff’s Office for general inquires and for details on requesting arrest records – (309) 345-3733.
  • Get information on inmates currently housed in the Knox County Jail, by calling their Automated Information Service – (309) 345-3739.
  • Find out about the status and investigation of a criminal complaint you have filed – (309) 345-3887/3787/3738/3780/
  • Contact the State Attorney’s Office for victim’s assistance – (309) 345-3880.
  • Get in touch with the Circuit Clerk for information on accessing judicial records; call 309-345-3836 to reach the Felony Division, 309-345-3870 for the Traffic Division and 309-345-3817 to contact the General Division.

Knox County, IL crime data

In 2019, the Knox County Sheriff’s Department handled 20% more criminal complaints than in the previous year. As opposed to the annual average of 2018, which stood at 200 incidents, in 2019, more than 220 cases were registered. Of the complaints filed, over 170 were against property crimes and more than 50 were against violent crimes.

While crime rates are not available online for Knox County, you may be able to request statistics directly from the Sheriff’s Office or the Knox County offices. From 1999 through 2008, almost five million crimes were committed throughout the state about Illinois’ crime rates.

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