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A Greene County, Illinois active warrant is issued when the police get in touch with the judiciary with all the information that they have on the case. The sitting magistrate then studies the matter to establish if the person in whose name the arrest order is being sought can really be held culpable for the crime.

Arrest warrants from Greene County come with an extensive amount of information mentioned on them. For instance, the document will clearly state the charges that are being filed against the individual, his/her name, address that the police officers can visit to apprehend himas well as discerning physical traits that can be used to identify the caused.

The original police affidavit filed during the pre-warrant hearing will also be attached to the active warrant. The office of the magistrate retains a copy of the arrest order and the police petition while the originals are handed to the court services division of the sheriff's office. So, when you want to learn about Greene County active and outstanding warrants issued against a person of your knowing, you can head to:

  • The office of the magistrate: 519 N Main St, Carrollton, IL 62016
  • The sheriff's department: 403 7th St, Carrollton, Illinois 62016

During the trial, a member of the county clerk's team will also be present in court. The office of Greene County clerk of court is responsible for preparing the court dockets. After the session, the docket is quickly added to a central repository that holds records from the civil and the criminal tribunals of the county. So, when you need to look for records, you can also approach the county clerk's office at 519 North Main Street, Carrolton, Illinois 62016.

Greene County, IL witnessed fewer than 100 criminal incidents in 2011. Of these, only about 1 case could be categorized as violent in nature. In comparison, property crimes ranked quite high with an occurrence average of 50 cases. A comparison of the different crime categories revealed that the area had a problem with theft and burglary cases.

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