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Arrest warrants are among the most common legal detention instruments used by the police and the court to bring a person in to stand trial for his/her crimes. Summons and bench warrants are also orders for detention, but they differ from an arrest warrant regarding the granting authority and how and when they are issued.

Unlike summons and bench warrants issued at the judiciary’s sole discretion, a criminal warrant for arrest is only issued when the police approach the court with a complaint against a suspect requesting such an order.

Nearly an arrest warrant is only issued in Kendall County, IL. Once a formal complaint is filed with the court by the police, the victim, or the public prosecutor. Because warrants are issued based on the Statute of Limitations, certain conditions have to be fulfilled before the arrest order is handed to the law enforcement agency.

One of the constraints is the existence of a probable cause that led the police to believe that the incident is a crime and that the individual in question had a role to play in the event. Once the court is convinced of this, the judge signs the active arrest warrant, authorizing the police to take the person into custody.

All warrants that are not served get held back into the national criminal system under the category of outstanding arrest warrants. While the legal terminology may differ, it makes little difference to the powers of the judicial order.

Even the most trivial legal offenses will bode ill for an individual who has a warrant out in his name, as he/she will be immediately arrested based on an outstanding warrant even if it has been issued in another state or county.

All information related to warrants and arrest records is stored in a central repository maintained by the FBI; to access this database for a warrant search, you will need to approach the Sheriff’s Office of Kendall County, IL, which is located at 1102 Cornell Ln, Yorkville, Illinois 60560.

Although the law enforcement agency’s website lists their contact number as 630-553-7500, it would be futile to use this mode of communication when looking for warrant related information as these details are never divulged over the phone. A more convenient option is an online search, which can be started by filling the form above.

Finally, to understand the importance of background checks and warrant searches, it is vital to look at the crime statistics from Kendall County. Over the ten years starting in 1999, almost 1500 crimes were reported in the area. While this provides a meager annual average of just about 150 cases, which is among the best in the state, it highlights that crimes do occur even in the safest areas.

Can you get any information about Kendall County warrants and arrest over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • For police reports, accident reports, arrest records, information on recent arrests, and criminal records, call the Main Line of the Sheriff’s Office- 630-553-7500.
  • For general inquiries, get in touch with the Sheriff’s Office at 630-553-5856.
  • For victim’s services and information on order of protection, contact the Kendall County State Attorney’s Office at 630- 553-4157.
  • For accessing the judicial records of criminal/traffic cases, call the Circuit Clerk at 630- 553-4183.

Crime Statistics of Kendall County, IL

The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office could not curb the unprecedented rise of almost 50% in the crime rates of the area. While in 2018 the agency received fewer than 190 complaints, in the following year, the police were found struggling against nearly 280 crimes. Of these, around 220 were incidents of property crimes. The remaining 50 plus cases were filed against violent crimes.

The crime figures have almost doubled in the decade mentioned earlier, which has led experts to predict that the number may touch 200 over the next few years unless proactive steps are taken to control it. You can assist the police in arresting criminals by conducting a warrant search for personal and professional associations.

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