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If the criminal court in La Salle County, IL has issued a warrant against you, the police are in all likelihood on your trail. They will catch up with you whenever you get embroiled in a legal issue, regardless of how minor the infraction is.

Warrants issued in matters relating to a misdemeanor are restricted to the county of issuance. However, felonies are more serious offenses, so a warrant issued in such a case can get you arrested in any part of the country.

An arrest warrant is only issued when the police have reason to believe the role of an individual in a crime; they approach the court with this information, stating the cause, which led them to reach this conclusion in a written affidavit.

Once the court is petitioned, the sitting magistrate considers all the facts presented before issuing a detention order, known as an active arrest warrant.

All warrants, whether bench or arrest, are stored in the national criminal database as outstanding warrants so that the person against whom these were issued can be arrested as soon as he comes in front of the law. This means that regardless of how old a warrant is, the individual in question is likely to be arrested.

To get information on arrest records in La Salle County, you will have to get in touch with the Sherriff’s Department. Personally, head over to the law enforcement agency’s office, located at 707 E Etna Road, Ottawa, Illinois 61350.

Although you can also call them on 815-433-2161, they will not agree to conduct a warrant search over the phone. A more convenient option is to look online for arrest records; fill the form above to access a non-government agency database of criminal information.

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