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Unlike summons or a bench warrant, which can be issued in various scenarios by different judicial bodies, an arrest warrant in a felony or misdemeanor is only granted by the criminal court in Dekalb County, IL. Another crucial difference between other detention orders and an arrest warrant is that the latter is exclusively issued when the sheriff’s department files a formal request with the court.

The local law enforcement agency approaches the judiciary for an arrest warrant with an affidavit that offers the magistrate insight on the crime, evidence, and other information about the suspect. While the evidence does not have to prove the crime at this point, any proof that would make a reasonable person believe the suspect’s role in the incident is enough to get a warrant.

A signed document that mentions all the information from the writ and the person’s rights to be taken into custody is called an active arrest warrant. Once such an arrest order is issued in Dekalb County, Illinois, it stays in effect regardless of how long it has been since its issuance. All un-served active arrest orders are stored in the nationwide criminal database as outstanding arrest warrants.

For arrest records and a warrant search, the Sherriff’s Office of Dekalb County will prove to be a unique resource. You can visit them at 150 N Main St, Sycamore, Illinois 60178, or speak to the records clerk by dialing 815-895-2155. At this point, the police department does not entertain requests for warrant search over the phone, so paying a visit in person is the only option.

However, you can get the same information through a third party criminal database hosted online. Fill in the form to access this database and conduct your search for arrest records without stepping out.

The crime rate indexes released for Dekalb in 2010 showed that the area’s total crime rate is considerably lower at just about 40 compared to the national average, which stands at nearly 100. While homicide-related cases are the rarest in the county, like all other parts of the country, burglary and robbery pose a significant threat for the residents.

Rape and assault were lower than the national average yet do pose a cause for concern. However, the most startling figure that emerged through the records was robbery; the risk of crimes in this category was higher than the country-wide average.

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