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An arrest warrant issued in Madison County, Illinois, is a judicial document that instructs the police to arrest and detain a person. A myriad of factors can affect the warrant and its issuance, from the crime in question to the suspect’s previous record and even the issuing authority.

An arrest warrant will be issued in case of both felony and misdemeanor; however, the difference is that when an arrest is ordered for the latter, the warrant is restricted to the state in which it is issued. However, in case of a felony charge, the individual in question can be arrested in any state across the country and deported to the county where the warrant was issued.

Arrest warrants are issued after a writ petition is submitted in the criminal court requesting the authority to take a person in custody. The affidavit has to contain vital information related to the case, including the nature of the criminal activity, the individual’s role against whom the warrant is being requested, and the evidence available that points to the said person’s involvement.

Once issued, the arrest order is termed as an active arrest warrant, and it stays in effect indefinitely till an arrest has been made. The only time an arrest warrant is retracted is in case of lack of evidence in the matter. An active warrant that has not been served for a while after issuance is known as an outstanding warrant, and regardless of how old the order is, an arrest can still be made under its provisions.

For arrest records in Madison County, contact the Sheriff’s Department at 405 Randle Street, Edwardsville, IL 62025, or call the law enforcement agency on 618-692-6087. Another option is to use the online form given above that offers access to an online database that can be used for a warrant search.

How do you get information on Madison County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • Reach the Sheriff’s Department for general inquires and for details on requesting arrest records at (618) 692-6087.
  • Know about recent arrest by calling the Madison County Jail at (618) 692-1064.
  • Contact the District Attorney’s Office for victim’s assistance at (618) 692-6850.
  • Get in touch with the officer handling your case by calling the Investigation Division at (618) 692-0871.

Crime Statistics of Madison County, IL

The annual crime average of Madison County increased from 1100 incidents reported in 2018 to around 1200 cases filed in 2019. Despite this, it would be safe to suggest that there was some improvement in the law and order situation of the area since the violent crime rate plunged from 145 to 126 cases in this period.

In fact, the increase in the annual crime total was exclusively attributed to a rise in property crimes, which went from clocking 950 complaints in 2018 to 1050 cases filed in 2019.

The crime average in Madison, IL per 100,000 is well over the national average of 311, although the overall rate of reported criminal activities has gone down marginally from 1999 to 2010. Thefts, robberies, and burglaries constitute the highest instances of crime in the county, while felonies like arson, rape, and murder figure at the lower end of the crime chain.

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