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The police can arrest an individual in DuPage County, IL in four circumstances: they procure a warrant for the detention, the person is found in possession of illegal substances and weapons, the individual is arrested while in the act of committing a felony or if a minor infraction with the law leads to the discovery of an outstanding warrant against the man/woman in question.

Unless a police officer is witness to a crime, an individual cannot be detained by the policed without an arrest warrant. To get an arrest warrant, the Sheriff’s Department has to follow a set procedure that involves the submission of a written petition in court.

The document offers the magistrate insight on the crime, the reasons that led the police to believe that the individual, against whom the warrant is being requested, has committed the felony and the witnesses and evidence available. Once all these factors are carefully considered, the judge of the DuPage County criminal court issues a warrant based on the adequacy of the evidence presented.

A signed copy of the judicial arrest order is termed as an active arrest warrant and it authorizes the police to take a person into custody at any time and from any place including his own house or a third party property. Failure to serve an active warrant causes the order to become outstanding. A police officer will arrest a person whether he/she has an active or an outstanding warrant against him/her.

You can get arrest records related information in the county from the Sheriff’s Office which is located at 501 North County Farm Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187 or you can call them on 630-407-2400 for a warrant search. You can also find out about arrest warrants issued in the county by accessing an online database; just fill in the form for the purpose.

DuPage County has one of the lowest crime rates in the state; yet, over 32,000 criminal reports were lodged with the Sheriff’s Department from 1999 to 2008. Of these, only about 2600 were violent in nature. The annual crime rate stands at over 3200 incidents and of these more than 50% of the crimes occur when the victim is less than a mile away from his/her home or office.

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