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Active warrants from Jo Daviess County, Illinois, hold the same weight as they do in any other part of the country. Custodial detention orders are a regular judicial provision used to bring offenders accused of criminal transgressions before the court. Because arrest warrants, once issued, can stay in the system forever until they are used for taking the said person into custody, the judiciary is extremely careful about the release of such orders.

For one, a magistrate will only issue an active warrant in Jo Daviess County when one has been requested either by the police or the victim of the crime. In both cases, a formal affidavit has to be filed in court, which acts as the plea for the warrant. This writ contains details on the criminal act and the alleged offender. These details are used to ensure probable cause in the matter, and then a judicial order legally termed as an active warrant is issued. When such a decree is held back in the system because it cannot be executed for one or the other reason, it is called an outstanding warrant.

Apart from the slight difference in terminology, no change comes to the actual powers regardless of how long it has been since it was issued. The police can and will arrest the perpetrator when they can get their hands on him/her, even with an arrest order that is a decade or older. To find information on arrest records and to initiate a warrant search, you will need to go to the office of the agencies mentioned below:

  • The magistrate: 330 N Bench St, Galena, IL 61036
  • The police: 330 1/2 N Bench St, Galena, Illinois 61036
  • The county clerk: Given above

Robbery and burglary are among the most frequent criminal occurrences in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, followed closely by rape with a risk index of 24. The larceny risk level is the highest at 45, while burglary comes in second with an average of 34. The least common crimes for the area are robbery and murder, with a risk level of 2 and 8.

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