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Information on arrest warrants from Wayne County, Illinois can be found with the police, the office of the magistrate, the county clerk’s department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. However, such orders do not find their way into the FBI hosted repository immediately after release.

As soon as they are handed over to the police officers, who have approached the court on behalf of law enforcement, the magistrate’s representative makes a note of the release of the active warrant. When the order is taken to the sheriff’s department, it is handed over to the court services division which holds it till such time that it is executed.

If it is not served within a few days, the order is put in the outstanding warrants category and held in the appropriate database. At this, point, information on the detention directive is also sent to the FBI. On the other hand, Wayne County arrest records may not be included in this central, nationwide repository. This information can usually only be found with the office of the magistrate and the sheriff’s department.

Because the Wayne county clerks’ office is in charge of getting the court dockets prepared for all civil and criminal matters, the data is also relayed to them as soon as the case comes up for a hearing. So, if you want to get a warrant search done, you can go through any branch of the state’s justice system. The addresses of various state agencies that will help you to look for details on arrest warrants are given below:

  • The clerk of court: PO Box 187, Fairfield, Illinois 62837
  • The sheriff: 305 E Court St, Fairfield, Illinois 62837
  • The magistrate: 301 E Main St, Fairfield, IL 62837

In Wayne County an estimated 310 criminal complaints were lodged in the year 2011. Of this total annual crime average, 78 cases were filed against theft and nearly 60 complaints were lodged against burglary putting the incident rate of property crimes at almost 150 instances. In comparison, the rate of violent crime was quite low with just 25 incident reports filed through the year.

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