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When looking for arrest records in Randolph County, Illinois, be prepared to travel to the offices of at least two to three government agencies. These state departments play varying roles in the issue and serving of arrest warrants. To begin with, an active warrant is requested from the court by the office of the sheriff.

This is done by filing a formal affidavit, which helps notify the sitting magistrate of the illegal activity that has occurred and the evidence that points to the accused’s involvement. The primary concern here for the judiciary is that the proof gathered in the case has to be enough for establishing probable cause; only then can a warrant be issued.

To ascertain the probable cause, the judge may very well call in all or some of the witnesses to offer sworn testimony, which will strengthen the prosecution’s case against the accused. Thus, the detention order is called an active warrant, and it stays valid till it is served and the person in question is arrested.

All active orders that cannot be executed are known as outstanding warrants; these are stored in the FBI’s national crime repository and the sheriff’s offices, county clerk, and the magistrate. Apart from information on arrest warrants from Randolph, the government offices mentioned above also host a range of additional data. For example, the sheriffs’ office will help applicants with all criminal data in general, including a most wanted list.

Similarly, the magistrate’s office and the court clerk’s department maintain databases of civil cases and other legal provisions issued in various legal matters such as bench warrants, search orders, and others. To get your hands on these details, or even if you need to get a Randolph County warrant search done, head to:

  • The sheriff’s department: 155 E South Street, Winchester, Indiana 47394
  • The clerk of court’s department: 100 South Main Room 101, Winchester, Indiana 47394
  • The judiciary: 100 S Main St, Winchester, IN 47394

The violent crime rate of Randolph County, IL, is at par with that of the country. On a scale of 1 to 10, the area figures at 4 in terms of violent criminal activity. In contrast, it fares better when it comes to property crime as the national average, in this case, stands at four while that of the county is at 2.

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