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Although custodial detention through the use of Union County arrest warrants is legal, the police cannot keep a person in jail for days together. In fact, according to the criminal code of the state of Illinois, the suspect has to be produced before the court at the earliest opportunity so that he may apply for bail.

It is imperative to understand at this point that just because everybody has been granted the right to enter a plea for release through a hearing does not mean that bail will be given for sure. The judiciary decides if the person in question can be released and subsequently be trusted to show up in court to stand trial.

In other words, if the sitting magistrate is convinced that the alleged offender may try to escape once released or if this individual has other arrest records from Union County to his name. This might not bode well for the person. Also, suppose the arrest was made under the provisions of an outstanding warrant remaining in the system for several months or years before it was executed. In that case, it is taken for granted that the suspect is a high-risk criminal, and in such cases, the judge has the authority to deny bail.

Unfortunately, little can be done once the judiciary refuses to release the offender. So, as you can see, taking an active warrant from Union lightly is not an option. If you believe that such a provision might be used against you in a criminal matter, it would be best to put in some time to conduct a warrant search. For this, you can fill the form above and look for arrest records and warrants online, or you can go to the following state agencies:

  • The sheriff’s office: Crthse 307 W Market, Jonesboro, Illinois 62952
  • The court: 309 Market St, Jonesboro, IL 62952
  • The county clerk’s department: PO Box H, Jonesboro, Illinois 6295


How do you get information on Union County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • To find out about recent arrests or to request information on outstanding warrants, connect with the Sheriff’s Office at 618-833-5500.
  • To know about arrests made by Anna Police Department, call 618-833-8571
  • To learn the procedure for a criminal case search and judicial records inquiries, call the Circuit Clerk at (618) 833-5913.
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call the State Attorney’s Office at (618) 833-7216.


Crime Statistics of Union County, IL

Union County’s yearly crime rate stood at a few over 100 cases in 2018. Of these complaints, 17 were filed against violent crimes and included offenses such as rape (5) and aggravated assault (12). Larceny-thefts were the subject of almost 50 of the property crime complaints, while burglaries led to the filing of 23 complaints and motor vehicle thefts accounted for 13 cases.

The most common type of criminal occurrence in Union County, Illinois, is homicide, with a risk index of nearly 80, which is substantially higher than the other counties’ risk levels. On the lower hand of the crime spectrum lie incidents of vehicle theft with a risk rate of less than 20.

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