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In legal speak, an active warrant from Menard County, Illinois can be defined as an order from the local tribunal, that has criminal authority, to apprehend an individual who is suspected of committing an illicit act. The issue of arrest warrants means that the police have enough grounds to accuse an offender in an act which is essentially criminal in nature.

The office of the sheriff is expected to furnish all case related data to the judiciary when they need an active warrant in Menard County. This is done to ensure that the sitting magistrate has no problems in clearly pinpointing the probable cause on which the warrant is based. Often the information presented in the police affidavit alone is not enough to fulfill this criterion.

In this case, the witnesses may have to testify before the magistrate to provide enough evidence against the alleged offender. After this, the arrest order which is known as an active warrant at this point is handed over to the representative of the sheriff’s office almost immediately. From here these arrest warrants are sent into the department’s crime database.

If the order is executed as required, information pertaining to the custodial detention and the subsequent procedure is included in the arrest records repository of Menard County. However, if for some reason, this decree cannot be served, it is does not expire nor is it recalled by the judiciary.

Instead, the document goes through a name change and is then called an outstanding warrant; this is stored in the appropriate databases maintained by the police, the judiciary as well as the clerk of court. So, if you want to initiate a warrant search in Menard through any of these agency offices, you need merely go to:

  • The sheriff’s office: 107 South Seventh St, PO Box 476, Petersburg, Illinois 62675
  • The magistrate’s office: 102 S 7th St, Petersburg, IL 62675
  • The county clerk’s office: P.O. Box 456, Petersburg, Illinois 62675

Of the 80 plus criminal complaints that were lodged in Menard County, IL less than 5 were attributed to violent crime. However, property crime rates were quite high at nearly 50% of the annual crime average. The crime categories that contributed the most to this were burglary and theft with incident rates of 14 and 23 respectively.

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