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In Shelby County, Illinois, arrest warrants are treated much like in any other geographical division of the state or in any part of the country to that matter. What applies is the criminal procedure of the state along with the fourth amendment which is used to ensure that the rights of the accused are not undermined. This is done by taking the powers of making an arbitrary arrest from the hands of the police.

In fact, the sitting magistrate of a criminal tribunal plays the role of a third party from the justice department who determines if there is enough weight in the police case to actually arrest the individual in question and initiate legal proceedings against him/her. Of course, the sheriff’s office is active throughout the warrant issue process as they submit the petition that forms the basis of the state’s case.

This is carefully studied before the judge signs the warrant; once issued, the police try to execute the order as soon as possible. However, even when the warrant cannot be served, it does not go out of effect. It just gets stored in the police database and that of the FBI as a Shelby County outstanding warrant. The office of the sheriff which holds the arrest records for the county will have all information pertaining to arrest warrants.

Apart from this, the office of the magistrate and the county clerk’s department that keeps the court dockets will also have all records pertaining to warrant issues in the area along with the release of other judicial provisions like bench warrants, etc. So, to go for a warrant search, you will have to reach out to:

  • The office of the sheriff is located at: 151 N Morgan, Shelbyville, Illinois 62565
  • The magistrate’s court works out of: 301 E Main St, Shelbyville, IL 62565
  • The county clerk and his deputies sit at: 407 S Harrison Rm 111, Shelbyville, Indiana 46176

In the year 2011, nearly 250 crimes were reported in Shelby County, IL. Of these, a startling 60 cases were against theft while 44 complaints were in response to burglaries. There were no reported incidents of rape or murder in the year but violent crime still accounted for 16 violations as compared to the considerably higher incident rate of property crimes which stood at 104 occurrences.

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