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Arrest warrants are issued by the local criminal courts when the police approach the judiciary with evidence that would be enough to convince any reasonable person that the accused did have a role to play in the commissioning of the crime.

Moreover, unlike bench warrants, active warrants stay in effect indefinitely and can lead to arrests at any time and in any place. Yes, warrants can lead to arrests even outside the county and the state they were issued in.

This is one of the reasons to conduct a first and/or third-party warrant search. Continue reading to know more about this and the process for accessing arrest records in Bureau County, IL.

Which agency can help you to access an arrest report and information on outstanding warrants?

Because the Sheriff’s Office investigates all crimes and approaches the court for warrants, they are bound to have information about these orders. Furthermore, the law enforcement agency also arrests people with outstanding warrants against them.

So, when you want information about these judicial orders, you should connect with the Bureau County Sheriff’s Department at 700 S Main St, Princeton, IL 61356.

Because the Circuit Court works out of the same complex as the Sheriff’s Department, you can also visit the Clerk of Court’s Office when you visit the law enforcement office.

Is there any way to access arrest records and warrants data online?

Although the Bureau County Sheriff’s Office does not provide a warrant list on their site, you can access judicial records from the criminal court through the online case search facility offered by the judiciary.

The only problem is that this is a subscription service, which means you will have to shell out a small fee to use the tool. For more information on this and to sign up for the service, go to https://www.judici.com/courtlook/my_cases.jsp.

How do you get information on Bureau County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)    

  • To access inmate records and know about recent arrests, call the Bureau County Jail at (815) 875-3344.
  • To find out about outstanding warrants and/or to complain about someone with an active warrant against him/her, call the Sheriff’s Office at (815) 872-3091.
  • To learn about the Victim/Witness Service offered by the State Attorney’s Office, call the agency at (815) 879-4941.
  • To know more about accessing criminal court records, contact the Criminal/Traffic Division of the Circuit Clerk’s Office at (815) 872-2001 and dial ext. 559 for the Criminal Division and ext. 567 for the Traffic Division.

Crime statistics for Bureau County, IL

Between 2018 and 2019, around 140 criminal complaints were filed in Bureau County each year. Of these, around 110 were instances of property crimes, while the remaining 30 complaints were attributed to violent crimes. In the property crimes category, larceny-theft had the highest rate of occurrence at over 70 complaints/annum. As far as violent crimes were concerned, aggravated assault cases were the most common at almost 20 cases/year.