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A warrant out in your name is a severe matter, and regardless of how old the warrant is and the place of its issue, you can and will get arrested. The issuance of an arrest warrant, a judicial detention order, signifies that there is sizeable evidence against you. A warrant is only issued if there is enough proof to hold you responsible for a crime and file charges in the matter.

There is no way to delete an active arrest warrant; such detention orders are never retracted, and they stay in effect for life. This means that unless you are taken into custody, the record of an outstanding arrest warrant in your name will be in the FBI criminal database.

Police may seek a warrant from the local court in both felony and misdemeanor-related cases. However, unlike the former, warrants for misdemeanor cases do expire in time. In both instances, the police have to submit a written petition that informs the court of the crime and your involvement in it.

The legal terminology used for a freshly issued arrest order is an active arrest warrant; the police will not release information about such an order to the public at large as this may send the alleged culprit into hiding. However, records relating to outstanding arrest warrants are available from the McLean County Sherriff’s Office.

You can get in touch with them at 104 W Front St, PO Box 2400, Bloomington, Illinois 61702-2400. Another option is to speak to them over the phone by dialing 309-888-5034; fax is the third alternative, and you can send the information needed for a warrant search on 309-888-5072.

When visiting the Sherriff’s Office, do not forget to carry an ID proof along, so you can prove to the law enforcement agency that you are not seeking warrant-related information about yourself. Apart from this, you will also need to furnish details about the person against whom you seek this information.

If you have a warrant in your name, your best bet would be to look for arrest records by filling the form above. This will enable you to browse through a third-party criminal database.


Can you get any information about McLean County warrants and arrest over the phone? (2021-Update)  

  • For information on arrests, arrest records, incident and accident reports, contact the Records Division at (309) 888-5034.
  • For victim’s assistance, call the McLean County State Attorney’s Office at (309) 888-5400
  • For judicial records of criminal cases, contact the Circuit Clerk at (309) 888-5320.


Crime Statistics of McLean County, IL

 Through 2019, McLean County Police handled 117 cases of property crimes and 30 cases of violent crimes. That put the annual crime average at 147 incidents, which was almost at the same level as the crime average of 2018, which stood at 144 complaints.

The 30 cases of violent crime included 12 cases of rape, 1 case of robbery, and 17 cases of aggravated assault.

The 117 cases of property crimes included 27 cases of burglary, 77 complaints against larceny-theft, and 13 cases filed against motor vehicle theft.

The crime rate has decreased significantly in McLean County, Illinois, between 2003 to 2012. At the start of the decade, over 400 crime reports were filed in the area annually; however, this has reduced to just about 260 incidents by the end of the ten years.

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