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You have two options when looking for an arrest warrant search in Putnam County, IL. It is possible to petition a state department for crime history data or hire the services of a third party data seller. Through the latter, you can conduct inquiries on active warrants and arrest records anonymously and get information from all 50 states.

However, the reports received from such agencies cannot be put to use in the official sense. So, if you want to find out about any arrests or outstanding warrants in the name of new beau or friend, these inquiries will work just fine. However, if you need to submit the background report to an employer or an adoption agency, you will have to approach a state office. Your options include:

  • The sheriff’s: 120 N 4th St, Hennepin, Illinois 61327
  • The magistrate’s: 120 4th St, Hennepin, IL 61327
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 236, Hennepin, Illinois 61327

Of these three offices, the sheriff’s will only work with crime history data. This means that you can find a most wanted list posted on their walls and arrest records from all over the county along with details on active warrants that are yet to be served.

The office of the magistrate will go a step further and even tell you about the other legal provisions issued in the name of the subject including criminal summons and bench warrants released by civil tribunals.

Finally, the office of the county clerk can shed light on the civil cases that the subject is involved in including corporate suits and family matters. All this information is stored in the court dockets database which can be accessed through the public service terminals in the justice complex.

Less than 100 criminal complaints were filed with the police of Putnam County, Illinois in 2011. Of these cases, nearly 5 could be attributed to violent acts, revealing an annual average of about 3%.Thefts and burglary were the most commonly occurring crimes with a cumulative incident rate of about 70 incidents per annum.

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