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A specific legal procedure has to be followed when a criminal incident occurs and a person is found to be responsible for it. If this individual cannot be linked to the illicit act at once, the police will seek an active warrant in Moultrie County, Illinois for his arrest. This is done through the judiciary.

Only a local tribunal that holds criminal jurisdiction will be able to help the police with arrest warrants in Moultrie. The sheriff’s office has to approach the court with an affidavit that should hold enough information for the sitting magistrate to be able to at once establish probable cause. However, this does not always happen.

In cases where the circumstantial and forensic evidence is not enough to prove culpability, the magistrate calls in the witnesses to depose under oath. This is done in a bid to ensure that the police do not wrongly charge an innocent person. Active warrants are to be executed at the earliest.

When this is not possible, the order is simply held back by the sheriff’s department as an outstanding warrant. So, when you do a warrant search through the office of the magistrate or the police, you will not only find arrest records for Moultrie County but also information on outstanding warrants.

The office of the county clerk also disseminates crime related data through formal warrant searches. To access this information, try the addresses listed below:

In the year 2011, less than 100 crimes were reported in Moultrie County, IL. Most of the cases filed were against property crimes which had an occurrence rate of nearly 42 while violent incidents accounted for just about 4% of the total annual crime average. On the whole, theft and burglary with nearly 26 and 20 cases were the crime categories that left residents most worried.

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