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Searching for arrest warrants in Whiteside County will require you to visit the Clerk of Court’s office and the Sheriff’s Office.In Whiteside County, judges issue arrest warrants that open active court cases.The arrest warrant is then directed to the Sheriff’s Office for service.Therefore, these two offices are the best resources you have for finding arrest warrants in Whiteside County.The Sheriff’s Office has information on outstanding warrants and the Clerk’s Office has information on criminal cases pending before the courts with jurisdiction within the county.Either resource provides a good starting point for your warrant search; however, a complete search for arrest warrants will include both offices.

The Circuit Clerk is responsible for maintaining the records of all traffic, civil and criminal cases filed in Whiteside County.The public can search the court records for open criminal cases and active warrants during normal business hours.There is not a fee for searching records; however, if you want to make copies of any court records you will be charged a fee.The Clerk’s websitehas a list of each division within the Clerk’s Office with contact information for each division.To find arrest warrants, your best starting point would be the General Division.

The Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office maintains records pertaining to all arrest warrants served through its office.Here you can request copies of arrest records, a list of outstanding warrants or a criminal background report.The office is located at 400 N. Cherry Street in Morison, IL 61270 (telephone: 815-772-5217).You should contact the records division during normal business hours to inquire about their procedure for requesting copies of arrest records or other documents.

Whiteside County, IL crime data

Whiteside County is the 24th largest county in Illinois with almost 60,000 residents.The county does not report crime rates; however, the State of Illinois averages approximately 400,000 crimes per year.

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