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Your search for information on active warrants from Montgomery County, Illinois, is bound to take you to the office of the magistrate as well as the police. Although both agencies maintain similar information when it comes to arresting warrants, there is also a lot of ancillary data that these offices keep, which may be of use to you when peeping into the background of a person.

The police are responsible for maintaining the law and order situation by preventing crime and arresting offenders who commit legal transgressions. However, this is where their role ends, the court orders punitive measures, and the Department of Corrections makes sure that the court directive in the matter is obeyed. So, details about various criminal cases are maintained by multiple justice agencies, and any one of these can be contacted for a warrant search.

The police: The sheriff’s office has details on crime trends in the area, the types of offenses, statistics on the growth or reduction of incident rates, information on Montgomery County outstanding warrants, arrest records, most wanted lists, and more. Address: 140 N Main St, Hillsboro, Illinois 62049.

The magistrate’s court: This department has information on all the legal instruments issued by the different tribunals in the county, including bench warrants issued by the civil courts—address: #1 Courthouse Square, Hillsboro, IL 62049.

The county clerk: This judicial agency records the court dockets and has information on cases being heard by the civil tribunals and matters that are criminal—address: 100 East Main Street, Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933.

The Department of Corrections: The DOC offers data on criminals currently incarcerated in the state’s prison system. You can find their online tool for inmate search at


How do you get information on Montgomery County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • For information on recent arrests and an inmate search, dial the phone number of Montgomery County Jail- (217) 532-9514.
  • For information on arrest warrants, police reports, accident reports, arrest records and criminal records, call the Sheriff’s Office at (217) 532-9511
  • For details on how to request the judicial records of a criminal case, get in touch with the Circuit Clerk at 217-532-9540.


Crime Statistics of Montgomery County, IL

The annual crime rate of Montgomery County stood at 175 cases in 2019, while nearly 200 complaints were filed in 2018. Of the reported offenses, 42 were violent crimes while 133 were property crimes.

Aggravated assaults led to 37complaints, which was the highest in the violent crime category. Around 79 complaints were filed against larceny theft, which was the highest in the property crimes category. This was followed closely by complaints against burglary, which accounted for more than 50 cases.

A look at the crime statistics of Montgomery County, Illinois, from 1999 to 2008 reveals that there is a significant reduction in the overall incident rates. At the start of this interval, the county was logging in an average of 351 cases, which rose to 484 in 2001. This was relatively high as compared to the national average of 319. However, by the end of the period mentioned above crime average had been brought down to 159.

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