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Most people who have tried to initiate a warrant search in Fayette County, Illinois, find it utterly cumbersome. After all, you will have to take a trip down to the sheriff’s office or the local courthouse when looking for data on arrest warrants. Although the task may merely prove to be taxing for a person looking for information on a subject, this option is not open for people who have an active warrant in their name.

Because they risk getting arrested immediately after entering the office of a state agency, individuals who have an outstanding warrant from Fayette County against them will have to use an internet-based source for these details. You can fill the form on the site to access a third-party database that is as accurate as any government agency. However, the private vendor cannot notarize a background report for you, nor can they offer a formal printed record.

For this, you will have to go to the sheriff’s office or one of the judicial departments that handle data about warrants or are involved in the process of warrant issue. The judiciary branches that are routinely engaged in pre-rants hearings are the magistrate’s court and the county clerk’s department.

While the sitting magistrate presides in the matter and signs the warrant, putting it into effect, the county clerk prepares and makes a record of the court dockets. So, apart from the police, a warrant search can also be sought from one of these agencies. To get in touch with them, you can use:

  • The sheriff: 221 S 7th St, Vandalia, Illinois 62471
  • The magistrate: Same as above
  • The county clerk: 401 Central Avenue, Connersville, Indiana 4733

Can you get any information pertaining to Fayette County warrants and arrest over the phone? (2021-Update) 

  • For information on arrests, call the non-emergency dispatch phone number- 618-283-2141.
  • For inmate records and inmate search, call Corrections at 618-283-2141 ext. 2
  • For arrest records, incident and accident reports, contact Administration at 618-283-2141 ext. 4 or 5.
  • For information on accessing judicial records and court dockets, call the Circuit Clerk at 618-283-5009.
  • For victim’s assistance, call the County State Attorney’s Office at 618-283-5040.

Crime Statistics of Fayette County, IL

If the 30% drop in the annual crime rate of Fayette County is anything to go by, then the Local Sheriff’s Department sure is taking a stride in the right direction. In 2019, the annual crime average plunged to 64 cases from its high of almost 100 complaints in 2018.

The rate of property crimes almost halved, going from 90 incidents in the previous year to around 50 cases in 2019. Unfortunately, the rising violent crime rate was the dampener and a point of worry. There was a 200% increase in instances of violent crimes, which went from clocking a mere 4 complaints in 2018 to almost 15 complaints in 2019.

The average annual crime rate for Fayette County, IL, is around 230 incidents. Violent crimes form a tiny part of this cumulative number at just 2%. In stark contrast, property crimes have a higher risk level, with nearly 107 cases filed per annum in the category. Theft, with an annual incident average of 80 instances, is the most frequently occurring crime.

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