My Services

Locating people:

  1. Do you need to locate a non-paying parent fast? I help parents and family law attorneys locating non-paying parents very fast!
  2. Do you need to locate a missing person? I can easily locate them for you!
  3. Do you need to locate a missing witness? I can easily locate them for you!
  4. Do you need to locate missing heirs who are entitled to estate proceeds? I help probate attorneys do their job.
  5. Do you need to locate prior owners of foreclosed homes who are due excess funds from tax sales? I help Real estate professionals and everyday people locating them easily!
  6. Do you need to locate relatives for health and finance issues? When family members are estranged for whatever reason, and a member needs blood, an organ, or even just family medical health history to aid a physician… I will locate them for you. I also help Forensic genealogists do their job.
  7. Do you need to locate your biological parents? Or children? Even in the event of an adoption, I will locate biological parents as well as those who have been adopted.

Background Checks:

  1. Criminal Defense Investigation & Criminal Inquiries, you or a family member been wrongfully accused of a crime? I am able to interview witnesses, track down and locate missing witnesses, search for and retrieve police reports, court records, arrest records etc. associated with the case.
  2. Background Checks? I provide a full background check service for all states within the USA.
  3. Bail bondsman/attorney? I will locate wanted fugitives who have skipped out on their bail and are wanted by law enforcement.

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