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When a person is found guilty of a criminal act, the police will seek an active warrant from Mason County, Illinois against him. However, this is only done when the investigating officers have a significant amount of proof against this individual in hand. Walking into the office of the magistrate with assumptions and hearsay information is a surefire way to get the pre-warrant hearing thwarted.

For this reason, the court services division of the sheriff’s office carefully prepares an affidavit that pertinently describes the criminal incidents and why the police believe that the said person was involved in the act. This document is deliberated upon carefully before the judge decides to sign the papers and make the order active.

However, once the arrest warrants get out of the judicial office, they are never retracted. In fact, even when the decree lies in the database of the police as an outstanding warrant, it still has the same powers as a freshly issued order. Information on Mason County arrest records and outstanding warrants can be found with the office of the sheriff and the magistrate since the role of these agencies in the process of warrant issue is as explained above. To connect with these departments and initiate a warrant search, head over to:

  • The sheriff: 102 W Market St, Havana, Illinois 62644
  • The magistrate: 125 N Plum St, Havana, IL 62644

Also, the county clerk’s office of Mason and the FBI hold records on active warrants from the area. While community members are not given access to the FBI repository, you can look through the court dockets database maintained by the county clerk’s department by making a formal request. For this, you can write to PO Box 77, Havana, Illinois 62644.

Mason County, IL has a fairly low crime rate which does not even cross into the 1/5th mark when compared with the nationwide crime index. When incident rates are compared, burglary comes out on top with a risk average of over 30 followed closely by cases of larceny which have a risk index of nearly 28.

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