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The police cannot get a warrant of arrest unless they approach the local criminal court. The procedure for the issuances of a warrant follows a strict set of guidelines. It starts with the submission of a written statement from the police, the DA’s office or the victim of the crime.

The document also contains other incident related information apart from the complaint like the name, gender and address of the suspect and evidence collected or the cause that has led the law enforcement agency in Kankakee County, IL to believe that the suspect was involved in the crime. Once presented before the court, the sitting magistrate carefully weighs all the facts mentioned.

It is imperative for the judiciary to ensure that the probable cause mentioned in the writ will be enough for the DA’s office to file a criminal charge against the individual in question. After this crucial consideration is satisfied, the judge releases a signed active arrest warrant which is then used for taking the person in whose name it has been issued, into custody.

A vital point to understand when learning about arrest warrants is that they never go out of effect. So, even if a 10 year old warrant is out against an individual, he/she may still get arrested. In fact, minor discrepancies are not basis enough for the retraction of these arrest orders and they are merely rectified while preserving the powers of the warrant.

The police are forever on the lookout for suspects who have not been arrested despite a warrant out in their name. To help them, all active arrest orders are stored in an FBI database of crime in the form of outstanding arrest warrants and these are accessible to cops from all over the country.

You have the right to request arrest records in the state of Illinois, so if you are interested in a warrant search, simply call on the head office of the local law enforcement agency located at:

  • Address: 470 E Merchant St, Kankakee, Illinois 60901
  • Tel no: 815-933-3324

However, this may not be an option if you are trying to find out about outstanding warrants against yourself. In this case an online warrant search would be more feasible and can be easily done by filling the form above. This will give you access to a national arrest records database held by a third party.

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