About Me

illinois It has been 25 years since I took on my first case as a private investigator and in the following years, up till now I have worked on behalf of numerous clients with varying requirements. While some just wanted to connect with friends and family, others wanted people who had disappeared to take responsibility for their legal obligations.

All over Texas, Florida and Arizona, I have launched investigations on behalf of legal firms, realtors, vehicle repossession offices, bail bondsman, police departments, genealogy researchers and non-corporate clients. To ensure the integrity of the data that eventually gets passed to my clients, I subscribe to various databases like TLO and others.

Some of the commercial establishments that I have worked for and still handle cases for include:

  • Cushing Forensic Genealogy in Kissimmee
  • International Genealogy Research in Canada
  • The Locators Ltd in Arizona

As far as government and law enforcement agencies are concerned, I have offered my services to the Denton County Law Enforcement Department, helping them locate criminals on the run. I have in the past and still do handle cases for the Unclaimed Persons Network as well.

This agency works towards notifying people about deceased family members, who are lying unclaimed in morgues across the country. Given the nature of the services they offer, I take on cases free of charge for them. I believe that by taking on these cases, I am contributing in my small way towards a noble cause.

My corporate clients include probate and family attorneys who are generally interested in locating missing beneficiaries and those who have defaulted on child or spousal support payments. Realtors typically want to find past owners of a property that they are handling, while vehicle repossession firms want to know about auto loan defaulters.

Whatever the nature of the investigation, I love taking on all types of cases. So, if you need to locate a person you are related to or were personally linked with or are keen on locating an individual for medical or financial purposes, connect with me today and let me help make things easy for you.

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