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When making a hiring decision, it is imperative to conduct a warrant search and a regular background check. While there are several paid sources of information online, you will need an accurate database that offers up to date information on arrest records across the country. So, read on to find out about the law enforcement agency that can help you with a warrant search and an arrest warrant’s legalities.

When is an arrest warrant issued?

An arrest warrant is issued when a formal request is admitted to the local criminal court. The Sheriff’s Department requests an arrest warrant when probable cause exists to suspect a particular individual in a felony or misdemeanor. By granting an arrest warrant, the judiciary is necessarily commanding the police department to present the individual in question to stand trial.

Who issues arrest warrants and how?

Only a criminal court at the federal or state level has the authority to issue an arrest warrant. The order is issued after the sitting judge is apprised of the crime committed, the evidence available in the case, and the person allegedly suspected of having committed the offense by submitting an affidavit. The arrest warrant is only issued after scrutiny of the evidence mentioned.

For how long does an arrest warrant stay in effect?

Generally, an arrest warrant from Kane County stays valid till the person against whom it is issued is not arrested. However, suppose, for some reason, the individual’s legal detention takes longer than expected due to an attempt to evade arrest or ignorance about the order’s issuance. In that case, the warrant then becomes outstanding and is known as an outstanding arrest warrant.

Where can you get information on Kane County, Illinois arrest records?

Information related to criminal and arrest records can be sought from the local Sheriff’s office located at 37W755 Il Route 38 # A  St. Charles, IL 60175. The Law enforcement agency can also be contacted through phone for a warrant search; dial 630-232-6840 to speak to the record’s clerk.

In the decade ending in 2008, over 48,000 crimes were reported in Kane County. The highest number of criminal instances was claimed by theft with almost 28,000 incidents, while homicide-related cases were at the barrel’s bottom with about 86 reports.

Over the ten years mentioned above, nearly 29% in the county increased the overall crime rate. The statistics on violent crimes were similar, which grew from a little over 5000 to reach the mark of almost 8000 reports. On average, 13 criminal incidents take place in the county every day.

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