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One way to respond to an arrest warrant search in Scott County, IL, is to go to the local law enforcement agency. Be it the police, state patrol, or the US Marshals, when a law enforcement agency handles a criminal case, they involve themselves in more than just making arrests under active warrants.

Typically, criminal justice establishments are responsible for seeking active warrants in Scott County and other parts of Illinois. This course is taken when arrests cannot be made without the judiciary’s hand in the matter. So, cops will usually go to court prepared to convince the magistrate why an arrest warrant ought to be released in the name of an accused.

Because information on a criminal case is maintained since the time preliminary hearings are held, the law enforcement agency will submit the documents that support its request in writing. This petition is prepared with the sole intent of informing the judge of the criminal occurrence and how it can be linked to the accused.

Scott County outstanding warrants are exclusively based on the credibility of the proof against the accused. In the simplest terms, an arrest warrant will only be sanctioned when the judge finds that the evidence against the suspect would be enough to prove his complicity to any person of reasonable mind.

Once the magistrate gives his seal of approval, police officers will rush to arrest under outstanding warrants. This is considered the first step towards trying an alleged offender. Because the judiciary handles all processes once the accused has been detained, you can find Scott County arrest records from the police and the courts. To access this information, you can get in touch with:

  • he sheriff: Crthse Market St, Winchester, Illinois 62694
  • The magistrate and the clerk of court: 101 E Market St, Winchester, IL 62694


Can you get any information pertaining to Scott County warrants and arrest over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • For information on recent arrests, arrest records and incident reports, connect with the Law Enforcement Office at (217) 742-3141.
  • For victim’s assistance and information, call the State Attorney’s Office at (217) 742-8907.
  • For information on initiating a criminal case search, call the Clerk of Court at (217) 742-3173.


Crime Statistics of Scott County, IL

The Scott County Sheriff’s Department filed roughly 15criminal reports in 2019. There were no cases registered against violent crimes. Of the 15 cases involving property crimes, 5 were larceny-theft (cases, 6 were burglary incidents and 4 were motor vehicle thefts.

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