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An arrest can be made with or without a warrant depending on the specific circumstances that surround the situation. For instance, if a person is caught in the middle of his involvement in a criminal activity, he/she can be arrested without an arrest order. The same also holds true for an individual who is found to be in possession of illicit drugs or ammunition and these are discovered during a regular “stop and frisk”.

Police officers from Macon County, IL are also authorized to take any person into custody if they have reason to believe that he is about to commit a crime. However, for all other situations and particularly, cases in which an investigation precedes arrest, a warrant has to be sought.

For such an arrest order, the law enforcement agency has to rely on the criminal court in the county. A warrant is only issued after the police department places a formal request for the order in front of the magistrate. A sworn statement either from the victim or the investigating officers has to be submitted which details the crime, the role that the alleged suspect played in it and the evidence and testimonials.

If this information is found to be adequate for the filing of a criminal instrument, a signed document is released by the court which is known as an active arrest warrant. Another term which is frequently heard when discussing arrest orders is outstanding arrest warrant. These documents are merely judicial arrest orders which are stored in a central database that has crime records from all over the country.

All arrest records related information can be found with the Macon County Sherriff’s Department; however, you will need to visit their office in person. The contact details of the law enforcement agency are:

  • Address: 333 S Franklin St, Decatur, Illinois 62523
  • Tel no for warrant search related information: 217- 424-1322

Another way to conduct a warrant search for this county and any other area of the country is to fill the form given above.

Macon figures very low on the crime index scale when compared to the national average of 100. The county’s index for violent crime was around 1.8 while the index for property related crimes was higher at just about 3%. Although the numbers for murder, assault and rape in the area were very low, burglary related incidents were found to be quite common with a crime index of almost 15% .

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