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Can I be arrested under a bench warrant? The simple answer is “yes, you can be apprehended and detained” under a bench warrant. So, are a bench warrant and an arrest warrant the same thing? The simple answer to this is “no, bench warrants do not arrest warrants.”A bench warrant is issued for the failure to appear in court or the failure to pay a fine.

On the other hand, arrest warrants are issued for a specific crime. Either way, the result is the same – – you are detained until a judge conducts a hearing. Arrest warrants are serious matters, and knowing if you have one in advance can help you secure an attorney to help defend yourself. If you think you have an outstanding warrant, do a warrant search to find out for sure.

The first step in a warrant search is to look for active warrants. Thankfully, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office makes this process extremely easy by listing active warrants on its website. The information is updated once per week; therefore, arrest warrants issued in the past few days may not be listed on the website. You can contact the Sheriff’s Office for more information on a specific outstanding warrant, get copies of arrest records, or request a criminal history report. The office is at 521 Vermont Street in Quincy, IL 62301 (telephone: 217-277-2200).

The next step in a warrant search is contacting the court to search for criminal court cases. Because most criminal cases begin with an arrest warrant, this is an essential step in a warrant search. The public can access case information for Adams County through its website or by contacting the court at 521 Vermont Street in Quincy, IL 62301 (telephone: 217-277-2100). To get copies of court records, you must contact the Clerk’s Office in person.

Adams County, IL crime data

Adams County does not report crime data to track trends. You may be able to obtain this information for the local Sheriff’s Office.

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