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An arrest warrant in Sangamon County, Illinois, is a court order to bring the person whose name appears on the document before the judiciary to answer for his/her crimes. At this point, bail is set, and the accused is expected to enter a plea.

A request for an arrest warrant is usually made by the Sheriff’s Department or a prosecutor from the District Attorney’s office. A sworn statement from an office of the law or the victim is provided as the basis for the warrant request and other information such as the individual’s name against whom the warrant is being sought, his/her age, gender, and the evidence collected in the matter.

Depending on the information provided, the judge may sign the warrant based merely on the affidavit or request a witness testimony to ascertain that a case can be filed against the alleged accused in the court of law. Once the document is signed, it is known as an active arrest warrant.

An outstanding warrant in Sangamon County, Illinois, is an active warrant which has not been served. Even after an active warrant becomes exceptional, a person can still be arrested based on the authority it confers on law enforcement officials.

For arrest records in Sangamon, Illinois, you can call on the records clerk at the Sheriff’s Department located at 404 East Wineman Street  Auburn, IL 62615, or speak to communicate with the law enforcement agency over the phone by calling on 217-753-6886. Another alternative is to conduct an online warrant search by filling the form above.

In the nine years starting in 1999, over 82,000 crimes were reported in Sangamon; only about 12,000 were violent. The county’s annual crime rate stands at nearly 9200, and most of these criminal incidents occur when the victim is less than a mile away from his/her home or office.

In the period mentioned above, there has been a sharp rise of almost 41% in the number of violent crimes, and this is square to be blamed for the instances of crime taking place in the county every 57 minutes.

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