CPDP Crime Rates Report for Chicago 2022

The CompStat report from the Chicago Police Department provides a detailed analysis of crime statistics across Chicago over the past year. The report compares crime rates from 2022 to previous years, breaking down the data by city-wide totals as well as by police district. Some of the key takeaways from the report are:

  • Murder rates are down 14% compared to 2021 but up 39% compared to 2020. This indicates murders increased significantly in 2021 but started to decline again in 2022. However, the 2022 murder total of 695 is still much higher than pre-pandemic levels in 2020.
  • Criminal sexual assault has remained relatively steady, with only a 2% decrease compared to 2021. However, it has increased by 25% since 2020, suggesting these crimes are on an upward trend.
  • Robbery and motor vehicle theft saw large spikes in 2022. Robberies are up 14% over 2021 and motor vehicle thefts are up a staggering 102%. These dramatic increases likely indicate economic factors like high inflation and unemployment contributing to more property crime.
  • Theft has skyrocketed 56% compared to 2021. With over 20,000 reported thefts, this was by far the most common crime in 2022. This aligns with the rise in robberies and vehicle thefts, pointing to financial motivations and struggles.
  • Burglaries and aggravated batteries have declined modestly (3-8%) compared to 2021, but are still up significantly from 2020 levels. This indicates these crimes rose during 2021 but stabilized rather than increasing further in 2022.
  • Total crime complaints rose 41% compared to 2021 and are up 33% from pre-pandemic levels in 2020. This paints a picture of a substantial overall increase in criminal activity over the past two years.
  • Crime increases have not been evenly distributed across Chicago’s police districts. Certain districts like the 12th, 19th and 24th have experienced 50% or more spikes in total crime compared to 2021. Others, like the 18th and 20th, have seen total crime remain relatively flat year-over-year.

CompStat report from the Chicago Police Department 2022

The CompStat report shows property crimes like theft and vehicle theft rising dramatically in Chicago in 2022. Violent crimes like murder have fluctuated but remain significantly above pre-pandemic levels. Crime patterns have also varied greatly between different neighborhoods and districts. The report provides strong evidence of an extended crime wave hitting Chicago over the past two years.